Analysis of Fan NVH Noise Vibration Harshness Problems and their Solutions


Analyze NVH anomalies
Resolve/Solve problems
Support during implementation

Planning of ventilation systems
Design of fans and blowers
Acoustic optimization
Project management
Management of suppliers
Cooperation with service providers (CAD, CFD; FEM)

Analysis of Fan NVH Noise Vibration Harshness Problems and Their Solutions


Solving NVH problems in the field of fans and blowers in automotive air conditioning systems and engine cooling modules or similar applications (e. g. building services). We are evaluating in detail, analyzing precisely, subjectively using latest analysis technology with the help of specialist software. You send us your problem as data and we will provide you with possible cause of your problem.

High solution expertise in aerodynamics, acoustics and electric drives through over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry for almost all well-known vehicle manufacturers (OEM’s). In cooperation with your specialist departments, we work out the solution of your tasks or problems. This includes complete planning up to acoustic optimization as well as the support and evaluation of air performance and acoustic measurements.
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What we offer you

Subjective Assessment

We listen to the acoustic anomalies of your products.


We analyze with latest analysis technology from HEAD Acoustics.


We solve your problems based on subjective assessment and analysis.


We plan your system according to your specifications and advise you on the conception.


We design fans, blowers and drives as per your system requirements.


We manage your projects or assume control in crisis situations.

Global Support

We offer all services worldwide, and our top priority is to guarantee you the best possible service. This includes our on-site presence. Contact us, we will be glad to come to you, your suppliers or service providers, wherever in the world you need us – we are there for you!

Our Customers

We work across all industries and are active in all fields where fan/blower NVH problems arise, or ventilation systems are to be planned or modernized. One of our main customers is the automotive industry. This includes manufacturers as well as specialist service providers and suppliers.

Disturbing Noises?
Our Experts Find the Solution

Aerodynamically induced noises: separation noise, roaring noise, tonal noise, whistling, humming, drone, hissing, chirping
Speed-dependent noises: blade noise, imbalance noise
Mechanically induced noises: bearing noise, scratching, rattling, ticking, grinding, vibrations
Electrically induced noises of the drive (BLDC; DC; AC): Controlling noise, commutation noise, brush noise

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